Do I have ME?

Since ME is poorly researched, there is still no generally accepted marker for an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, the diagnosis is made using a set of criteria. The International Consensus Criteria (ICC) were developed on the basis of patterns of pathophysiological dysfunction emerging from published research findings and years of clinical experience of internationally recognized experts. They allow an accurate diagnosis from the onset of the disease.

Automated Questionnaire: International Consensus Criteria for ME


Here you will find a questionnaire that will enable you to determine whether the diagnosis of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) according to the International Consensus Criteria (ICC) is applicable to you.

We recommend that patients pace themselves before filling in the questionnaire. Make sure, as much as possible, that you have enough energy reserves to avoid overexertion and are able to concentrate well.

Patients with cognitive impairments should have help. For children or severely affected patients, a caregiver can complete the questionnaire for them.

NOTE: Many ME patients have minimized or eliminated some symptoms by careful pacing and medications. Try to answer the questions based on how you would feel without these adaptations.

Disclaimer: This questionnaire does not replace a medical diagnosis. You can download a report at the end of the questionnaire and bring it to your doctor to help with the diagnosis.

Credits: Many thanks go to ME international for their help with the translation.